The Have Nots! Have Lots, Piccolo Spoleto Review

1999 Archives

MAN! Brandy, Tim, and Greg are still kicking it! They just performed this past Saturday, April 16th! Charleston is lucky to have such dedicated comedy and theater artists successfully bringing it to the Lowcountry. I have been to Second City in Chicago several times. I always had just as much fun with The Have Nots! Other cities Charleston’s size do NOT have this. Support it.

This was a review for Charleston City Paper back in 1999…. One wonders how the transexual idea thrown at them might be played differently today, if at all? Leave it to good comedians to know the room, and know how the larger culture evolves (and hopefully improves), and act appropriately — while always JUUUUST testing that line, that gray area, for safe-space questioning and cathartic release. Comedy. Stand-up and improv. Some of America’s greatest gifts to humanity…. And these guys do it very well.

(Oh, I really was there for the review — even though, duh, I guess I could have heard someone in the audience say, “Dominatrix” in that webcast….)

I see from their calendar that ‘their’ theater, Theatre 99, has not scheduled much yet during the huge local counterpart to Spoleto, the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. (And I also see that Piccolo itself has yet to release their schedule — and won’t until May 18?!?!? … For a Festival that opens May 27?!?!? … WTF??!?!). Look out for a plethora of performances at Theatre 99 that 2 weeks, likely of high quality, if ‘archived’ history is any judge, when they brought in the likes of Spalding Gray to perform.

S.E. Barcus is also on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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