By S.E. Barcus

People can be racist. And the vast majority of us can choose not to support you for that. (Pro-tip for racists — the vast majority of “White” people, included!) The “free press” is free to run your comic — and equally free to drop it. That is not ‘censorship’ as some complain (like Bill Maher, for example). That is just free speech, working both ways.

I do sincerely hope people who have been brainwashed by hateful ideologies will one day do some good soul-searching, and wake up (ee-gad! “WOKISM!). And see the error of their ways, repent, then show true learning and live a righteous loving life. There can always be forgiveness. But I just never see it, in a world where hate groups — especially online — allow these diseased minds to support one another, to prop each other up. Very, very depressing, when humanity needs to come together, in loving supportive ways, to fix the real problems we all face…. Some of which seem imminent…. So depressing. …

It is as self-destructive on a human scale as Scott Adams has been on a personal one….

Text in the cartoon are based on quotes from this Washington Post article:

Copyright 2-26-2023


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