Ultramontane Catholics Oppress Women. Surprise, surprise.

By S.E. Barcus

June 24, 2022

Well, this is what happens when a stolen, packed Court does not represent America.

Lady Justice, Pawn of SCROTUS, Copyright S.E. Barcus 6-24-2022

Earlier this week, the Federalist Society Catholics won a victory that allowed them to dip their greedy little lips into the secular coffers of public education. You pay for their brainwashing. Yay.

Now, the 50-year-effort to roll back women’s rights and human rights in the United States by the Federalist Society and the Roman Catholic Church — in collusion with fundamentalist Christians — has brought forth a major victory. Over the decades, they successfully got tens of millions of dupable Americans to believe that what is essentially the physiologic-equivalent of a frog is in actuality a full-fledged human being (“think of the precious, innocent babies!” … ribbit …), and now this frog has more rights and liberties than an ACTUAL REAL-LIFE WALKING AND TALKING ADULT CITIZEN. Adults who now, once again, have no right to self-determination over their own fucking body. Just as the misgynist pieces of shit want it. Yay. Great day for one of the Enlightenment’s greatest children — the U.S. Constitution — with its explicit separation between Church and State.

Copyright 6-24-2022

Ultramontane Catholics Oppress Women. Surprise, surprise.

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