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Well.  There they go again.  … The far right is boycotting Disney. Reminds me of the ’90’s boycott, which was also a joke. Friggin’ right wing leaders and their incessant strategy of dividing Americans and pushing stupid culture wars.  How tiresome. Well, at least Disney parks might be a little less crowded and more enjoyable for a while. (I mean, where are these folks supposed to go?  Dolly Parton was never called an asshole. And there’s only so many trips to a big dorky fake Ark you can make, you know? …  Their poor kids….)

This piece of shit is calling for a boycott against Disney because she claims Disney is a bunch of ‘pedophiles’. With no evidence — just off-the-cuff slander. Really screwed up with how much the far right is obsessed with the left being a bunch of pedophiles.  From the whack-a-doodle QAnon pedophile-ring bullcrap, to the recent attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson, trying to link her with child pornographers somehow or another, to this latest Disney smear….  These people are just plain creepy-disturbed….  Their poor kids….

As usual, the boycott and current grand standing, and DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and on and on, aren’t meant to actually harm Disney.  (They won’t.)  They are meant to ante up in the ‘Who is more mean-spirited than everyone else?!’-race.  And — ‘May the most mean-spirited win!!’  …  That’s GOP politics for you, at least for the last 10 years or so…. They say they will make their own wholesome entertainment. … Uh…. Good luck with that….  Can anyone say “Veggie Tales” or “Stryper”?

Their poor kids….

Copyright 4-3-22.

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