Music in Time, Spoleto’s Contemporary Classical Music Showcase, a Preview

2001 Archives

My interview with John Kennedy. Every Spoleto, I was most reliably excited by Kennedy’s curated contemporary classical music series. For this year, 2001, we got to hear music by Ruth Crawford Seeger, in honor of her centennial, including Nine Preludes for Piano, Music for Small Orchestra, and Three Songs, as well as some of her own folk music (before her son Pete took off with the form…!). I was so blown away by Sarah Cahill‘s piano playing the Nine Preludes, that I bought her CD — and still have it! … And I don’t have a CD player anymore! 😦

Sarah Cahill was also the pianist for pieces by Hyo-shin Na (Variations for Piano), Mamoru Fujieda (Patterns of Plants), Evan Ziporyn (Pondok), and Kui Dong (Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, Fire).

This festival year also included music by Giya Kancheli (Exil) and Philip Glass (One Plus One, Head On, Piece in the Shape of a Square, Two Pages, and Company).

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