Philip Glass’ “New-World-Fusion-Chamber-Music-Quartet”, a Spoleto Festival Preview

2001 Archives.

My archives, June 6, 2001, posting by coincidence w Philip Glass’ 85th birthday bash. Happy Birthday! My interview with Philip Glass just before his 2001 Spoleto performance of The Screens, a collaborative piece composed along with West African-born composer and griot, Foday Musa Suso. What an honor for me. My fellow-critic/friend, Robert T. Jones, then critic for Charleston Post and Courier, and editor for Glass’ “Music by Philip Glass”, hipped me to the composer (and fellow Marylander!). See for yourself in the interview, he’s a swell guy!

Featured image photo by Pasquale Maria Salerno, posted on Flickr,, posted on Wikipedia by Axel Boldt.

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